Oud Bruin Fest '24



In Kortrijk

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Why the hell?

Oud Bruin (or Flemish Red Ale) is one of the most remarkable and oldest beer styles in Belgium. In fact the style is at least as old as the nation Belgium itself.

The ‘wild’ fermentation and barrel aging show the natural character of the production process, leaning on tradition and craftmanschip.

While several decades ago acidity was very common in our daily food, we now must learn to cherish it again.

Even in the beer world that is dominated by smooth IPA’s and sweet pastry stouts, we almost forgot how refreshing Oud Bruin can be and how pleasant it is to experience the taste evolving with every sip.

Oud Bruin in the picture

Traditional brewers have dedicated their lives to perfecting the style.

But today, new players are joining the game, experimenting with different malts, barrels and techniques.

All this without losing their respect for tradition.

On Oud Bruin Fest we want to bring them all together to show the diversity.


Sour to the people!



1 day ticket: € 29,95 -

Combi-ticket: € 34,95 -





Each beer (15cl) is 1 token